Otter Rechtsbijstand provides the following services

Advice and information related to Dutch Law.

Procedures where a lawyer is optional: Objection Procedures, Rent assessment committee procedures, subdistrict court procedures.

Drawing up, verifying or improving legal documents like rent contracts.

Assessing the feasibility of legal action (this could save high expenses on lawyers).

Drawing up, verifying or improving subsidy and grant applications.

Otter Legal Assistance

For a small subscription fee per month Otter Rechtsbijstand offers a subscription so you can be assured of easily accessible advice. You pay one amount per month and within reasonable limits can ask unlimited questions and submit disputes to Otter Rechtsbijstand. For more information and conditions contact you can contact Otter Rechtsbijstand by the contactform.

There are a number of matters where referral is required

In some legal proceedings, it is not possible for Otter Rechtsbijstand to represent you in court. In those cases you need a lawyer.  This concerns civil court actions such as monetary claims exceeding € 25.000,- or divorces and proceedings in criminal court where there is a risk of imprisonment. A lawyer has followed a 3-year professional education after completing his or her university law study. He or she is a mandatory member of the Netherlands Bar Association, and has to comply to the rules of attorneys such as continuing education. For more information on the difference between a legal expert (jurist) and a lawyer, please consult the Netherlands Bar Association (In Dutch, NOvA: Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten).

More (complete) information can be found on the Dutch judiciary website (in Dutch).


Otter Rechtsbijstand advices in principal on the basis of a fixed hourly rate. The hourly rate of Otter Rechtsbijstand is € 101,64,- including 21% VAT. In some situations other agreements are possible. If, for instance, Otter Rechtsbijstand draws up a legal objection on a social assistance benefit case, on behalf of a client of the municipality, and this legal objection is grounded, the municipality has to compensate for the salary of Otter Rechtsbijstand. This allows Otter Rechtsbijstand to provide legal assistance to people with an income at a social assistance benefit level. The rates can than be changed periodically.

Pro Deo Lawyers

Lawyers can apply for funding from the Legal Aid Board (RvR: Raad voor Rechtsbijstand) if you have a low income. If you do receive the aid of a lawyer, you will have to pay a personal contribution (eigen bijdrage) of at least € 196,-. Once the Legal Services Counter (Juridisch Loket) has drawn up a diagnosis document and the Legal Aid Board has established that you qualify for legal aid, you will receive a € 53,- discount on the personal contribution.

If you are unable to pay the personal contribution, you can apply at your municipality (gemeente) for special assistance (bijzondere bijstand).